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Established in 2001, CanEx is dedicated to supplying Natural Health Products, Health Supplements, Vitamins, and Cosmetics; CanEx provides full and comprehensive services for International markets. We have been serving clients around the world and are strongly committed to their prosperity and satisfaction. A fast developing wellness business concept in the North American territory. As an exclusive agent and brand owner for Canadian/American wellness products, CanEx developed its image as the “expert” in the North American International healthcare business. At CanEx we satisfy both suppliers and customers by building the optimal mutual business relationship at both ends.

North America continues to be the leading region in wellness/healthcare/pharmaceutical developments. Thousands of advanced unique products, concepts, and services are emerging on annual basis in the North American territory and CanEx is up-to-date with all these in “Just in Time” manner. Our team monitors the launch of everything new in the market, visits most of the healthcare/ pharmaceutical related exhibitions/events and gets familiarized with latest trends. Afterwards CanEx team filters these new concepts and test their credibility, efficiency, and assess the compatibility for the Middle East, GCC countries, and other areas.

At CanEx we always seek high quality products offerings as we esteem to get the best out of the North American healthcare market.

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North American companies specialised in health products



CanEx signed an agreement with RACS – Middle East and GCC consultancy firm where RACS is to provide CanEx , customers, partners with technical and regulatory affairs guidance

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